Handle vehicle returns quickly and successfully!

The web-based software TNfrits! which was developed for TÜV NORD Mobilität helps you to handle the return of leased and financed vehicles even faster, easier and more transparent. TNfrits! is used successfully in the international commercial vehicles sector!

Direct appointment and high customer satisfaction

TNfrits! makes the salesman immediately able to arrange the appointment for the return: he sees at a glance which expert dates are released by the TÜV NORD back office and is able to fix a suitable date in direct dialogue with the customer (e.g. simultaneously with the delivery of the new car).

This means: direct and face-to-face communication, time savings and high customer satisfaction!

All participants in direct dialogue

The vehicle valuation and the creation of the return protocol by the TÜV NORD expert should ideally be carried out in the presence of the customer. In this way, any outstanding issues can be resolved on the spot in a personal dialogue.

Right information at the right time

TNfrits! automatically sends the necessary appointment information and documents in a targeted manner to all involved persons: e. g the customer thus receives via e-mail the information which documents are required for the return. The TÜV NORD expert receives on time in preparation for the appointment the delivery description, any service reports and further information about the vehicle in time.

Transparency and cost savings

In combination with the digital vehicle file, TNfrits! is a central electronic information platform for all participants. All documents which are relevant for the return, e.g. protocols and reports, are saved in the file and can be accessed by just a mouse-click depending on the authorization - also for networked enterprises!

Status overviews and result lists give information at any time about the actual status of the return process and help to even further optimize it!


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