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Automatic finance for your whole vehicle fleet!

This calculation works: The finance calculator saves your time with the automatic finance calculation for your vehicles! You simply define the desired calculation parameters and receive the automatically calculated finance for every vehicle in your sales workplace. For use on offers, price tags, in online market advertisements...

Your desired criteria as a calculation basis

You determine yourself which parameters (deposit, duration, effective interest rate...) will serve as a calculation basis. Thus, the vehicles can be differentiated according to numerous criteria (manufacturer, model range, fuel type, mileage, age of vehicle...) with different calculation parameters!

Simply neat financing offers

AutoDo! makes it possible and automatically calculates financing examples to your specifications. To present your financing even more attractive, we automatically correct the special payment for an optical neat installment. Every desired form of the neat installment is possible. This way the regular installment of 97,38 EUR/month becomes for example 99,- EUR/month or you desire a round number like 100,- EUR/month for the installment - No problem. The recalculation of the financing examples automatically takes place after every price change as well.

Automatic export to mobile.de and AutoScout24

Besides the usage on offers and price tags, the finance individually calculated for every vehicle can also be transmitted to your online vehicle advertisements on mobile.de and AutoScout24.

No manual editing needed

The finance calculation is done fully automatically on the basis of the defined criteria - and each time anew when changing the vehicle data. A manual editing of the data is not necessary! Of course, the finance for vehicles with special conditions can be manually adjusted at any time.

Double comfort: Finance calculator and automatic price tag emailing

In combination with the automatic price tag emailing, not only the finances but also the associated price tags are created automatically in the case of prices changes or new vehicle creations and are sent via email to the responsible recipients or directly to your printer!

Important for users of the EVA software

When using the Used Car Campaign Management by Volkswagen Financial Services AG, the current special finances can be transmitted directly from the EVA system to your AutoDo! vehicle management.



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