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Save time with automatically generated PDFs

That is how printing works today: the AutoDo! printing center offers the desired documents in PDF format at the touch of a button. Automatically pre-filled with the required information and ready to send, print, save... Many brand-specific templates available - also in your CI!

No manual filling out

Whether you like to print offers, price tags, contracts of purchase, vehicle lists, flyers, labels or the like: the direct connection of the printing center to your AutoDo! vehicle stock provides the desired document already automatically pre-filled with the latest information.

PDF-file for multifunctional usage

The documents will be generated as a PDF-file and can be printed, saved or sent directly via email. If desired in your individual design.

Vehicle magazines as handouts

With just a few mouse clicks, create promotionally effective dossiers about your current vehicle offer as a handout for your lounge area or showroom, for demonstrators or dealership events. Depending on the target group, the vehicles in your vehicle magazine can be configured individually.

With the extension of individual vehicle highlights, you can use these as additional eye-catchers for your vehicle magazine.

Individual templates for your whole form management

Use the AutoDo! printing center for all your forms around the vehicle management. If desired you can record individual forms such as internal work orders, commission billings, pick up authorities and many more. Feel free to contact us.

Storage in the digital vehicle file

Via mouse click all offers and contracts of purchase will be saved digitally in the matching vehicle file and will be available for an unlimited period.

New: Send offers directly from the printing center - as of now with attachments

Save time by emailing the vehicle offers right out of the AutoDo! printing center. From now on you can attach documents from the matching vehicle file or by uploading them directly.


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